New Generation
Supporting Unheard Entrepreneurs in Speaking the Language
of their Audience and Gain Paying Clients in 90 Days or less!
Expert Positioning, Leverage, Automate & Scale without
Ads, Camping on Social Media and Sacrificing more Time
Work with me for 5 Days
  • Day 1: Goals & Beliefs around High-Ticket Sales
  • Day 2: Story & Messaging
  • Day 3: Legals & Agreements
  • Day 4: Biz Managent & Systems
  • Day 5: High Ticket Sales System
  • Day 6:
  • Day 7: Archetypes + Q & A
Greetings, Aspiring Coaches, Trainers and Healers
A lot has changed since Covid hit us. It's been a great reason for us entrepreneurial souls to start our own ventures and start new chapters out of & away from the corporate world. But there are many that find it really challenging to find their feet running their own business. You didn't know how much work will actually go into just setting up your Foundation.
You keep hearing running your own business is fun and easy but you are stressed out, exhausted and confused wearing all the hats, don't know where to start and can't seem to get enough done to move the needle.
Your messaging changes literally every day because you are trying to cram as much info in as possible but nothing is working.
You are on Social Media for hours trying to find inspiration, posting or sharing a ton of stuff and talking to people but still... nothing!
Here are likely Reasons Why you are not making Progress
  • The way you promote or aproach people is scaring them away and it's actually hurting your business!
  • Your Messaging is Off and isn't Connecting with your Ideal Audience!
  • You are letting Fear of Failure and Doubt get in your Way!
Instead, What if you could...
  • Cut the Rubbish that doesn't Serve you
  • Promote your Offers in a Way that doesn't piss or scare people off!
  • Develop or Improve your Messaging to Raise Awareness & Create
    Demand for your Offers
  • Earn a Comfortable Living without the Hassle and Grief while making
    a positive impact in the world
From Unheard to In-Demand within a Year
New Generation Demand Mastery helps you dial in your Messaging, create and name your program by developing your personalised 3 Tiered Business Ecosystem to make it easy and simple to speak to and attract a targeted Audience and automate part or all of your processes to free up your time and make it fast & easy for clients to enrol.
I've been in business for 10 years and been where you are now - struggling to figure out my first and next steps of Reaching and Getting Through to my Audience!
Let me help you ease the doupts, fear & overwhelm and guide you through the Foundational Stages of your Business and see your Vision come to Life!
I am ready for that Big Change and want to...
  • Escape my Dead End, Unfulfilling Job!
  • Improve my existing Practice
  • move away from over worked and underpaid and realize my true worth!
  • Gain control of my income & time
  • while slashing my work hours in half
  • and manage my Business around my Life!
  • Stop worrying and comparing myself to others who are Further Ahead than I am!
I'm not sure if your Services are Right for me but...
  • I've been Thinking of Starting My Own Coaching / Course or Service-Based Online Business - But Where Do I Start?
  • My Day Job is Driving Me Around the Bend - Every Job I've Had Felt Wrong - I Want To Do My Own Thing! But How?
    All I Can Think Of Is My Bed! Will I have time for this?
  • I've had my Coaching / Service-Based Business for a while now & I love it but my Income is just so Unreliable!
    How do I Stabilise it?
  • I have been trying to grow my Audience but it's like talking to an empty room. How do I fix it?
Monique Parker - Business Mentor and CEO of Monique Parker Mentoring - Done4UMarketing LTD
Demand Mastery & Biz
Automation Mentor
My mission is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable steps and inspiration to start your own profitable and meaningful online coaching or information business or improve your existing practice, so you can get off the Grind and live life on your terms.
How it Works
Give me 90 Days to Co-Create your Business!
1. Business Planning
  • I have the right business model to bring my Vision to Life!
  • I am clear on my Ideal Clients!
2. Messaging & Mission
  • No more Double Dutch:
    I Speak the Language of my Clients!
  • I have a Mission my Clients love to be Part of!
3. Audience & Engagement
  • I am creating Awareness and Demand for my Offers instead of Cold DM'ing people or creating more "How To" Content!
4. Program Outline, Validation & Sale
  • I know the steps of my program, validated and filled it Successfully!
5. Scale Up
  • I am confidently Growing my Audience and sales are coming in every day!
  • I am not limited by anyone or anything!
I have become a
Interested to find out more?
The Next Step is to Answer a few
Questions and Book your Call!
Monique Parker - Business Mentor and CEO of Monique Parker Mentoring - Done4UMarketing LTD
Monique Parker
Organic Reach & Business Automation
Why Work with me?
Organic Reach & Biz Automation Coach
Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers and Nine to Five Workers Hire me to Turn their Experience into a Business because most don't Know Where to Start, Have Trouble Talking to and Connect with your Audience.
So, I Support you in Speaking your Audiences Language and Build Automation into your System to get back your Time and Sanity.
Bottom Line is: You'll have an Irresistible Offer, a Client Attraction System, have your First Paying Clients within 90 Days or Less and Ditch the Cubicle Without Camping out on Social Media All Day - Guaranteed!
Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to Absolute Zen within a Year!
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Build a Profitable Business ASAP & Attract High Paying Clients

Craft Your Client Attracting Message & tell your Unique Story!

Master the Art of Creating Awareness and Demand for your Offers without Cold DM'ing people or producing endless "How To" Content!
Without this no Marketing will work!
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