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Are your Coaching Clients not getting the results they are after? Read on to fix that!

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Are your Coaching Clients not getting the results they are after?
Mentoring or Coaching is not talking and teaching the whole time in a session!
It's asking powerful questions that our clients are often unaware of or avoiding!
The answers are almost always already within our clients but releasing them can be darn hard!
After each question, we are silent to give our client space to answer, no matter how awkward that silence is to us.
The human tendency to talk too much
As humans we have a tendency of being unable to keep our traps shut which is really unhelpful for our clients who need to find their answers and us as coaches.
When it takes too long, we tent to butt in and effectively try to answer our clients question/ problem even if it's not even the right answer for them. We've just taken any change of proper coaching success away because now our client will be taking our word as fact and our clients brain hasn't clicked and or isn't looking for a solution anymore.
Even if your client finds a solution later, they may feel uncomfortable to bring it up because a solution has already been proposed directly by the coach. But if the client isn't at all comfortable with the solution and implementation of it, they will feel unheard and get increasingly unhappy with the coach and their apporoach.
This usually leads to demotivation of our clients, loss of trust and in the worst case cancellation of the program.
The job of a Coach...
in Marketing Efforts
is to highlight mistakes their Audience are making, shift the Audiences perspective and then present a workable solution. If a potential client can see that solution working for their specific problem, then they'll get in touch. No need to hunt clients down.
If they can't see it working for them then they don't need this solution or we haven't communticated the value and transformation enough.
After Gaining a Client ...
is to ask questions, teach a little but most importantly listen, listen and don't forget to listen!
As the coach, don't give in to the urge to butt in and essentially taking your clients transformation away from them.
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