Senior Accountant & Business Coach
Brian Ludwig, CPA
  • Regina Mortgage Broker &
    Tax Accountant
  • Based in Saskatchewan
  • Serves Worldwide
  • Currency: $$$$
Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs Hire me to put more Cash into their Pocket and more Free Time on their Schedule because most are Feeling Frustrated and Tired of being Overworked with an Inconsistent Cash Flow and having Little Time to Spend with Family or other Personal Activities.
So, I Help them Develop Accounting and Marketing Systems to Gather the Essential Numbers for Decision Making, Show them How to Use these Numbers like a CFO to Monitor Business Growth, Develop Tax Savings and Business Growth Strategies that Achieve their Desired Business and Personal Goals.

Bottom line is, they will have Less Financial Stress and more Satisfaction that their Business is Going in the Right Direction.

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Tax Services
Personal Tax Returns
Small Business & Rental Tax Returns
Corporate Returns
US Tax Returns
FBAR Returns
Estate & Trust Tax Returns
Assistance with Audits
Bookkeeping Services
Full-Cycle Bookkeeping
Sales Taxes
Financial Reporting
Government Filings
Business Advisory Services
Starting up your business
Designing your accounting system
Remote Financial Controller
Liaison with the CRA/IRS
Budgeting & Forecasting
Cash Flow Management
Financial Analysis
Audit Support
Residential Mortgages
Commercial Mortgages
Credit Counselling & Pre-approvals
Personal Financial Planning
Personal Cashflow Management
Retirement Planning
Debt Reduction
Financial Plans
Don Saelhof, P.Ag.
President, Aurora Consulting Inc.
Brian has demonstrated a career commitment to the agriculture industry and resilience in honing his expertise; he has delivered and continues to deliver value to his clients.
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  • Step 6: Amplify your capability
  • Step 7: Increase your cash reserves
  • Step 8: Buy another business
  • Step 9: Export your goods or services
  • Step 10: Expand online

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