Business Coach and Bestselling Author
CEO - Chad Nedland
  • at Nedland Enterprises LLC
  • Based in Duluth, Minnesota
  • Serves Worldwide
  •  Currency: $$$$
Fatih-based entrepreneurs hire me to help them find their ideal clients and fully enroll them before the offers are made.

I also help online marketers increase sales without having to increase their outreach by using a simple process called "Money Maximizer".

Whether you sell via blog, an online store, or any of the aforementioned products we can work together to get you increased sales conversions and revenue for you. We have a variety of services and will do everything in our power to find you the right solution.

Empower yourself to create the life you want!

True personal empowerment requires you to set meaningful goals to identify what you want from life, and then take action to achieve those goals and have more impact over the world around you.

Developing personal empowerment usually involves making some fundamental changes in life, which is not always an easy process. However, with constant effort, you could achieve and maximize your true potential.

Host of Money Maximizer Live
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  • Save Processing Fees Instead of Paying Them, Jay Becker. Fees are the silent killer to any business. So how do we bypass the massive cost? That's why we have Jay!
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  • Reduce And Recover Lost Taxes - Jim Anderson. Losing money is business is hard but with the right tax planning and guidance you are able to avoid losing it and recover what was lost!
James Petiore
He not only met me on the level where I was,(complete newbie) but also took me to places I didn't believe were possible. I know it sounds a lot but I really had so little belief in myself I thought I could never succeed. He changed all that by opening my eyes and not just showing but helping me to grow in business and in confidence.
Vrushali  A.
I will say- should I not recommend Chad and do the community a disservice. A coach and an action taker- if you need one genuinely- he's IT. Doesn't matter your industry, size of business, and all that jazz. Chad's initial guidance of 2 hours leveled me UPpppp 20% in my business focus and growth strategies- and I am only just starting out seriously. So glad to find a human being who cares as my very best friend would. 
The Book on Being Better
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