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Join Us Inside this FREE 5-Day Challenge to Discover Everything You Need to Consistently (and Predictably) Attract Amazing Clients... day after day!
Discover How to Become The Go-To Authority In Your Industry And Attract The Clients of Your Dreams
  • Identify your 'dream client avatar' to ensure your messaging remains potent and as dialed-in as possible (Skipping this only sets you up to lose.)
  • Have an abundance of amazing clients hitting you up wanting to work with you (Cherry pick only the people you're most eager to work with.)
  • ​Discover THE EXACT STRATEGIES we used to attract the most amazing clients (and build a multi-seven figure business in less than 12 months.)
  • ​Strategies for tapping into your buyer's hopes, dreams, wants, & needs (and channel them into your products to generate more profits for your business).
  • ​Strategies for tapping into your buyer's hopes, dreams, wants, & needs (and channel them into your products to generate more profits for your business).
Hi, I am Monique Parker, Entrepreneur and Mentor.
I started my journey in eCommerce besides a full-time job but transitioned into coaching because an eCom business model wasn't right for me and I don't want to be on my feet all day anymore.

What I do want is to create awareness among Entrepreneurial Souls, especially younger generations, that there is a better way of earning money and living life than being stuck in a cubicle all day - we no longer have to be trapped by outdated social norms and views.

Let me help you make an impact by passing my knowledge to you, so you, as well, can change perspectives in outdated industry norms, connect to your audience at a deeper level and give you the tools you need to succeed, without the exhausting "How To Content" Rigmarole and Camping out on Social Media. Get your Magnetic Message out to the World by Connecting Deeply with your Audience with the...

The Dream Clients on Challenge is our brand new 5 Day Challenge where we break down everything you need to know to consistently and predictably attract perfect clients to your business.
Day 1
"Secret" Mindset Strategies
Using our proven strategies, you'll discover how to overcome the "mental blocks" that separates those who land client after client ... from those who never even catch a glimmer of their true power.
Day 2
Identify Your Dream Client
Identify your 'dream client avatar' and discover exactly which platforms you should target to generate a massive flood of ideal prospects who want to work with you and your business.
Day 3
Inside Your Prospects Mind
Get to the root of what your audience wants to buy and channel their hopes, dreams, needs, and desires into your product to generate more profits while standing out from the sea of competitors.
Day 4
Be Seen & Master Your Pitch
Find pre-existing pools of clients and put yourself out there to create more exposure and recognition for yourself and your business(Without being salsey or pushy).
Become the #1 authority in your niche.
Day 5
Get Them To Buy
Discover exactly how to speak the language of your market in a way that breeds trust and turns your audience into loyal paying customers who want to buy from you again and again.
Get this Freebies!
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • One on One Coaching Sessions
  • Millionaire Mindset Blueprint
For those who have no idea how to find their first few clients and are looking for ways to attract their first high paying customers
Who already has a couple of clients and you want to figure out the secret to creating consistency in your business and scale
Business Owners looking to generate
more exposure, leads, and
sales on a predictable and consistent basis"
A Simple Formula To A Successful Client Generation System 

 We built the Dream Clients on Tap process to give your business a proven system of getting leads, clients, sales, and revenues using only online media.

  Satisfaction Guarantee
You are the Boss of your Life!
Only you have the Power to break FREE of the Cycle that keeps you stuck (on purpose) on that 9 to 5 eat, work, sleep & repeat Merry-Go-Round with no time left to enjoy your Life!
 Or if you already started a business & struggling with...
  • The Questions "Will it be Worth it?"
  • "Is this for me?"
  • "What if I Fail?"

Monique Parker is revealing her Demand Generating Messaging Philosophy, Effective Business Management, Sales System and Mindset Reset Framework.

We want you to attent this 5 Day Challenge and walk away with Actionable Intel and Motivation to get on your Business Journey or continue it with Gusto!

Dedication & Commitment to your clients and work is what will get you over the finish line.

If you bring your idea and the will to do it, then Monique has the Tools and Framework to succeed.

Monique is a straight-forward no-bullshit kinda mentor and so are the other attendees

You either know you want and need this or just don't waste your money and time. This challenge won't be for you!

That's why your Ticket to "Dream Clients on Tap" is

Done4UMarketing LTD presents...
How to Find, Attract and Retain Dream Clients in Less Than 5 Days!
Still on
the fence?
If you don't start now when will you?
What's holding you back?
Fear of Failure?
Becoming A Laughing Stock?
Been there, done that, worked through it.
That's why we do this challenge, so you don't have to go through that!
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