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Strategic Alliance Live
Grow your Business through Joint Venture Partnerships
Have you ever considered attending a time-saving, travel-free networking event where the primary purpose is to close deals with high-quality entrepreneurs?

Why not join a Virtual Deal-Making Event. This event is completely focused on generating revenue for attendees and providing opportunities to expand your network.

The Strategic Alliance Live is an online virtual deal-making and networking event where guests participate in deal-generating breakout sessions, expert councils, speed networking, and strike deals that can move the needle in any size company.

You'll also learn insider secrets, methods, and strategies for finding, vetting, as well as implementing successful strategic alliances from joint venture possibilities through active deal-making and group shares.

This event is headed by Tom Matzen, an international best-selling author, and High Ticket Business Coach, he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents. He has been interviewed in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100's of radio & TV Stations across the globe.

Strategic Alliance provides a more efficient structure and flow, offering a productive competition as well as strong support and Guest Speakers who are experts in their fields. For entrepreneurs, this enhances the quality of their networking while also improving their output and revenues.
With over 1100 businesses owners registered, you will find the right business partner to establish relationships with during the event. The connections that you make during these sessions alone could add one or more zeros to your yearly revenue!

Besides the Event, you will also get a FREE Bonus Bundle When You Register

*8 Legal Templates For Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
*Lead Generation Machine
*Pre-Event Workshops
*Strategic Alliance Community

So, Save time by connecting to a high-quality group of people who will not steal your ideas or screw you up. Connect and reconnect before, during, and after the LIVE event with ease.

Build alliances with strategic partners who believe in your mission and have the connections to help you finally achieve your goals despite the Pandemic's odds.

Effortlessly attract opportunities, swiftly expand your network further and take your business to greater heights.

This Paid Event runs 3 times a year.
$97 early bird,
$149 regular

The next event has been rescheduled for late November, with pre-event training on November 27th and the main sessions which will be December 1-3.

So Hurry, the event starts soon and over 1100 company owners have already signed up, don't miss out on this rare high-income generating opportunity!

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