Does your Business have the Votes of Confidence from your Social Media Following?
Are you Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated doing all the Marketing yourself?
Just Imagine Experiencing this:
  • Creating A Strong Online Presence that magnetises Clients
  • Speedy Biz Promotion: Get your Message out fast
  • Stand Out: Be heard & seen by Leveraging my Community and Connections
  • Earn more: Effortlessly Attract Dream Clients
  • And Much More!!!
A £2597 VALUE YOURS For £97/Month
"Standout Social Promoter" is a VIP Membership Designed to help my clients leverage cutting edge Social Media & PR opportunities.
This membership is hosted by Marketing, Social Media, Automations and Branding Expert, Monique Parker.
Here's what you'll Get!
By joining the SSP VIP today, you'll get all of this plus more in the Future!
Monique is working hard to add at least two more Goodies to this Bag!
Promote Your Offers
Be Featured on our Business Directory
  • Promote your offers (Free & Paid)
  • Courses, Memberships, Workshops, etc
  • In Feed: regular Monday Promo
    plus a day of your choice
Grand Introduction
Grand Introduction to the group and Social Channels with image and captions for new members.
Business Spotlight
Business Spotlight posted monthly and shared across Social Media Channels
Business Directory
Be Featured on our Business Directory
  • Full Business Profile with Video
  • Links to your Website/ Offers
  • Links to Guest Blog Posts
Go Live in the FB Group
Share your Expertise
  • Go Live once a Month
  • Raise Awareness
  • Teach and make Offers
Coming Soon: Social Media & Copywriting Courses
Guest Blog Post
  • Guest Post to my Blog
  • shared across social media channels
  • your content, branding, links
Featured Intro Video
  • Featured: 90 second intro video
  • posted to Social Media & Youtube
  • 2x a year
PR Amplifier Campaign
1x PR Campaign a year
  • Value 597+VAT
  • goes out to 200+ media outlets and well known big blogs & news sites
Be Featured as a Bonus
Be included as a Bonus on my Program Sales Pages, if it complements my offers.
Monthly JV Mastermind
Find Strategic Partners in our monthly Virtual JV Mastermind
Participate in the ONLY cross platform promo membership you'll need that gets YOU in front of dream clients and consumers each month.
By effortlessly utilizing the latest marketing techniques so that YOU can quickly Grow your Business, Raise your Profile & Income NOW!
Now you can Build meaningful connections with your Clients so that you can quickly grow your business and exceed this years sales Goal and rest easy knowing you are sorted for the coming years ahead!
A £2597 VALUE YOURS For £97/Month
Take Charge of your Business and Soar in the Digital Space by Leveraging my Community and Connections Today!
Why you should Leverage my Real Estate to build your Business
  • If you have a website, you will raise it's Search Engine Rank by building Backlinks
    --> Google and Co will start sending Traffic to your Site
  • My readers will see your Business, Content and Offers and Buy
  • you should and would leverage other Businesses anyway to build your own but most free Offers or Services don't get you very far
I've been there and done that!
  • and paid out a lot more for everything separatly
  • That's why I put this package together - to make your marketing efforts short and painless, so you can get on with serving those New Clients!
How often can I promote my offers?
Once a week plus the regular Monday Promo, either as a text, image post or a short pre-recorded video (5 - 10 Minutes).
Being a VIP Member allows you to open your own post, instead of commenting on one of our posts. This gives you greater visibility and reach!
Your promo content must have SSP VIP displayed or it will be removed.
How often can I go Live?
Once a month making sure it doesn't interfere with another Live schedule already created.
How can I cancel my Subscription?
You can cancel at any time by email, Facebook Messenger or in your Members Area on our Website.

Your Subscription is charged in advance each month and we only refund a subscription if cancelled within the first week after successful payment. After this time your content has likely gone live and fulfilment has begun. Refunds will not be given!

A £2597 VALUE YOURS For £97/Month
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