Not quite clear on the Apps and everything you
need working for you in the background?
Do you want to save money by choosing the right apps for your business?
Are you squandering your time without any gains, trying every app there is?
Do you have an automated workflow to ensure your tasks are done efficiently?
Are you overworked and unable to consistently provide high-quality results?
The Start-up Tech Guide is a Course with App suggestions to help you learn the foundations of automation and incorporating them into your business.

Your host, Monique Parker will help you cover the principles of automation and how it can help you drive efficiency in your business.

The Step-by-step instructions will walk you through each of the Modules, so you can spend less time doing tedious tasks and more time doing things you love.

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This is For you if you are...
  • Trying to find the right Apps for your new Business
  • Using a system other than WordPress
  • An Entrepreneur who is trying to automate your system and use Cost efficient apps
  • Want to find the right Email Automation, Funnel Building, Image Editor, Form Builder Apps etc...
  • Want to save time and run your business effieciently
Automate your business using the best apps on the market and Scale your Business Faster! 
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Monique Parker is dedicated in helping you learn how to use Automation more effectively. We strive to provide the highest quality training and the utmost level of customer care possible. We've also created a number of programs and services, including Strategic Start-up Acceleration Roadmap and CLC academy, designed exclusively to ensure you get the training you need for your business.
Monique Parker
Monique has been in Business for 10 years and supports New & Struggling Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Service-Based Business Owners by co-creating your Information Businesses with you through her Program "Strategic Start-Up Acceleration Roadmap - the St.A.R Method".
- So your Ideal Clients Find you -
Finally Free Up Your Time and Get Off the 9 to 5 Hamster Wheel or the Social Media Grind!
You'll do this by Discovering your Client Attracting Brand Story, Mission & Message, Develop your Program, Streamline Client Enrollment, put your legal protections in place, learn the art of talking to your ideal clients and, of course, start promoting your new offers, using my channels and connections to start earning fast!
Monique Parker - Business Success Mentor
Start learning about Automation and App Mastery so you can Save time, Incorporate it in your Business and Scale UP quickly!!!
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