What do you want out of Work & Life?
What if you COULD have it all?
The successful Business, Life, Time and Freedom.
Building a business seems like a huge task and too scary for most of us. That's one big reason we don't even get started. Or we tell someone about your dreams and aspirations and they tell us flat out "Good luck with that, but you'll never make it!" Or your own family asks "Have you lost your marbles? Stick with the safe job." If you were a key worker and didn't get laid off during Covid, that is. So what is safe?
Meet your Coach Monique Parker
Let me guess... You came to my page today because...
  Things Aren't Great right now...
... you are stuck with the...
If things aren't great in your service-based business right now - let us help!
The 9 to 5 Merry-Go-Round
  • You are stuck in that never-ending loop of eat, work, sleep, repeat while giving away your power, trusting the people you work for, know best!
  • You finally plucked up the courage to look into this idea of running your own business but you ended up downloading every freebie and waste hours & thousands of £$ on quick fixes and magic bullets out there! But nothing works!!!
The Over or Underwhelming Practice
You've been in business for a while but:
  • the clients you attract are less than amazing! - Needy, Bossy, Un-Workable
  • your calendar is constantly full but you have nothing in the bank at the end of the month
  • you can't seem to get clients - are they avoiding me?
  • Your income isn't stable
You know in your Guts you are meant for more but you're struggling!
Yes, it's hard figuring this out... seeing everyone else around you succeed... seemingly overnight.
You need to break that vicious circle of learning but never earning and comparing yourself to others. Stop giving away your power!
It's time to cut the crap that doesn't serve you, stop and listen inward to what matters to you.
It's time to seek support... from someone who's been in your shoes and already worked through those issues.

A community and a partner beside you to guide you on your journey to the powerful and successful you.
From 0 to The Sky is the Limit
All of the successful people you see right now have started from zero.
The good news is... you can do it too! I've done it besides a busy day job and a ton of over-time!
To achieve financial & time freedom, you must first establish a strong foundation to work from.
During our time together, we'll bust through the blocks that prevent you from achieving your Goals and build that foundation!

Using my "Strategic Start-Up Acceleration Roadmap - St.A.R Method TM, you'll go from having the skills but no plan to having seemingly endless opportunities in less than a year. From that you can then pick and choose what suits you and your business.

Let's transform your idea into a profitable instrument that effortlessly skyrockets the impact you are here to make.

Turn your Dreams into a Reality!

It can be intimidating at first, but you can make progress toward your long-term life & financial goals.

With my support, you can finally:

  • leave your 9-5 job where you're underpaid, under-stimulated & underappreciated...
  • overhaul your exhausting or underperforming practice...
  • Transform your passion into a highly profitable online business...
  • with the help of time-saving automation tools that will help manage your business, increase your reach and impact...
  • to serve high-paying clients you LOVE to work with!
Proven Steps to Guide you to Success
  • Mindset: Getting your Head on Straight to talk Business
  • Story, Mission & Messaging
  • Program Creation: From Idea to Practice
  • Arrgghh ... What do I Charge?
  • Attracting Ideal Clients, not Chasing them
  • Effective Business Management
  • Hiring, Outsourcing
  • Automating Business to Scale
 You already have everything you need but pulling it out of you is not that easy. Let me guide you, cheer you on and help you through this part of your journey!
I help my clients discover their superpower, own it and build 6 figure businesses through the clarity that comes with knowing who you are and where you want to be!
What does that mean?
I help you take aligned actions that move you forward without wasting more time, questioning everything you do or getting stuck.
Who am I:
I am originally from Germany but moved to Scotland at age 19 after studying to become an Assistant in Travel & Tourism. I love to travel and explore new places but sitting in an agency booking other peoples holidays was not on my agenda!
When I am not building my business I love spending time with my husband, Gardening and spoiling my cat and tropical fish.
Monique Parker - Business Mentor and CEO of Monique Parker Mentoring - Done4UMarketing LTD
Having an entrepreneurial spirit I've always had this pull, little Ideas that never really fruited and at a younger age, when everyone was figuring out which J.O.B's they wanted to get into, I already asked myself: "Is running around for someone else, telling me what to do, for me"? Not in a "know it all" kinda way but I've always been creative, tinkering and figuring stuff out. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't recognize that running a business was even an option. That would have saved so much time, energy and my sanity. Business should be tought in schools to show the youngsters there is another way than slaving out your most precious commodity: your Time. But we get sucked into the REGULAR SYSTEM!
But I've never been REGULAR - Have YOU?
I've been in business for 10 years now - 7 in e-Commerce (Aquarium & Reptile Supply Store) and then I transitioned into Business Coaching - which was much harder then I thought!
e-Commerce is great but when I started writing how-to guides for my customers, I realised I like teaching and answering questions, plus the fact that I didn't care for being on my feet all day in my day job and then the business, too... The supplier screw-ups I had to dig myself out of and late nights caused me to burn out. I wanted something that I can run entirely from home without running to the warehouse every morning and night & paying monthly overheads on top of the website upkeep.
The learning courve for any business is usually quite long ( a minimum of 1 year). It took me 2 years, going through the Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Phase, thinking this is it - I can do this from home, no more running around, no products to store and it's easy. It wasn't. It was an expensive hobby at best!
Like most start-ups, I wasn't clear on what I actually wanted to do - where I wanted to take that business long-term. I didn't look at my existing knowledge and skills, so I just went looking for the next freebie and shiny thing - and spend a fortune on crap that didn't get me anywhere. Only when I included a Business Tab on my blog and started researching the business side of running a proper online business, my vision became a little clearer...
I had the idea of opening an agency to provide services to other businesses and registered the name "Done4UMarketing". I soon realised, though, that I'd be trading my time for Money... again... Plus a pure agency model would not have satisfied my love for teaching. I still have my blog about Gardening, Herbalism and Tropical Fish Keeping...
... but Business is what I really want to teach and talk about...
So, over the last year (2021) tinkering and testing, I have developed a method that consists of only 5 steps that almost any coaching, consulting, healing and service-based business can use...
My Mission
  • Raising awareness among young adults about to leave education that running their own business is even an option
  • through running free workshops in schools and online showing entrepreneurial youngsters & adults alike what's possible for them
  • help you get started in business, using your natural gifts and skills without experiencing the misery of being stuck in a soul-sucking job or business.
So, can I Ask you?

Do you want your Business Start-Up to Take 2 Years Piecing Everything Together Yourself or just 90 Days?

Once we have Implemented the Framework, it will Serve you for Life!
So, stop the struggle and overwhelm, take the next Step and...
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