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Is This You At The Moment?
  • People Say "That's Nice" in the comments but nothing further happens. I'm just Exhausted and at the End of my Wit!
  • People seem to get Bored with my content. I can't seem to keep their Attention. Might as well not post anything! What am I doing wrong?
  • I am putting a lot of "How To" Content out there but the Sales just aren't rolling in! I thought I was meant to provide Value but nothing is working!
  • My Business has been around for a while now and my Content is reaching people but they don't stick around and sales are just sporadic at best!
  • I've been plateaoed at the same level for the past 3 months and just can't seem to move past it! Is my business fizzling out? How can I prevent It?
Communicating with your Audience is a fine Art. Around 80% of your business is communicating what we offer to our Audience but does trying to put it all together, seem like in the movies - that elusive Unicorn that you see flitting through the back of the trees but never comes close enough for you to fully see, never mind touch?
Does your Message still feel off?
Don't Worry. I've got you!
Move out of the Unheard Entrepreneur
Trap, Start Evolving your Message...

and Have your Dream Clients find you!

The Unheard Entrepreneur
If you identified with any of the bullet points at the top & your Business is under 6 months young then you are what I call an Unheard Entrepreneur - Stage 1.
The Seen Entrepreneur
If your Content has started to Attract some Attention, but most of them are not your Ideal Audience & you still aren't getting Sales... then you are a Seen Entrepreneur - Stage 2!
These 2 Stages are the hardest to overcome because you are missing a few concepts that are keeping you in the unheard or seen space!
This is true for any business, be it a start up or 7 figure company wanting to go from 1mill to 3mill. So, you are not alone. If you are unable to evolve your message, you'll likely stay plateaoed at that stage of you business.
But before you panic...
Let me help you:
  • Upgrade your Messaging and Conversation Structure with proven templates, so your conversations or content will never be awkward again!
  • Discover how to change Perspectives, Raise Awareness and Create Demand for your Offers instead of churning out endless how-to content or the arkward Cold DM'ing people!
  • Pull in your Ideal Clients through Magnetic and Engaging Content and have them reach out to you!
  • Simply put... Get more Eyeballs and keep them on your Content
If it's a resounding ... Hell, yes. I'm done fighting with this! Then...
I think you've wrangled with Messaging enough. Isn't it time to fix it?
Join this Training and become a "Confident In-Demand
Entrepreneur" who Attracts 5 Star Clients!
Yes, I want to Craft Demand Generating Messaging so that Every Piece of Content sticks with my Ideal Audience & Sales Roll In!
Monique Parker
Monique has been in Business for 10 years and helps Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, Service-Based Business Owners and Professionals Build Sustainable Information Businesses through her "New Generation Demand Mastery" Method.
- So your Ideal Clients Find you -
Finally Free Up Your Time and Get Off the Content Creation Hamster Wheel and the Social Media Grind!
You'll do this by Discovering your Client Attracting Brand Story, Mission & Message, Develop your Program, Streamline Client Enrollment and put your Legal Protections in place!
Monique started her journey in eCommerce besides a full-time job but transitioned into coaching because an eCom business model wasn't right for her and she doesn't want to be on her feet all day in the full-time job.
What she does want is to create awareness among Entrepreneurial Souls, especially younger generations, that there is a better way of earning money and living life than being stuck in a cubicle all day - we no longer have to be trapped by outdated social norms and views.
She wants to help you make an impact by passing her knowledge to you. So you, as well, can change perspectives on outdated industry norms, connect to your audience at a deeper level and give you the tools you need to succeed, without the exhausting "How To Content" Rigmarole and Camping out on Social Media. Get your Magnetic Message out to the World by Connecting Deeply with your Audience with New Generation Demand Mastery!
Monique Parker - Business Success Mentor
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