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The Craziest Marketing Tools Fire Sale
It's not only a "Graphics Package" but also includes a WordPress Theme, Landing Pages & a Ton of Marketing Tools for one Low Investment, Without Spending Hours Doing It Yourself or Hiring Expensive Designers!
Value: £1,997 Today Only £497
Payment Plan Available at Checkout!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Secure Checkout
Dear Fellow Marketers
We Hare all Dealing with the Problem of getting more Sales from our Sites!
Maybe you have:
  • Spend Hundreds or Thousands on Paying a Copy Writer to get your Sales Page to Convert Better?
  • Spend Weeks or Months Trying to Improve your Products or Services?
  • Dropped your Prices as Low as you Could, Hoping that more People will take your Offer?
  • Been Disappointed that After Working so Hard & Giving Up So Much, you Still Aren't Selling any More than Before?
Let me Tell You, it's not just the Price or Improving your Overall Offer that gets People to Buy!
Your Offer Needs to Visually Stand Out!
Generally, you only have 5 Seconds to Capture your Readers Attention Before they Move on to Something Else.
Another Site Perhaps? Because if YOU aren't getting those Sales, then that's what is Happening Right Now!
So to Recap:

It's not just your Prices or Improving your Offers, they also need to be more Visually Appealing and Stand Out.
And Remember, you only have 5 Seconds to get them Interested and to actually Read your Sales Pages!
And Here Is How To Do It
I am not just going to Tell you, I am Goin to Show you. And Then ...
I am Going to Give you Everything you Need to Pull it Off!
But First, Why Would you Care?
You Care Because you Know How the Math Works!
An Improvement of 1% in Conversion Rates will Make a Huge Difference in
"Barely Scraping By" or "Making A Living" and Reaching your Goals in Live!
So let's do the Math
10,000 Visitors x 1% Conversion = 100 Sales
10,000 Visitors x 2% Conversion = 200 Sales
10,000 Visitors x 5% Conversion = 500 Sales
So How Many Sales are you Aiming for?
I Hope you Answered 500!
So, Without Increasing The Amount of Advertising, just a 4% Increase in Conversions Would Bring in More Sales
Now Most People can Easily get Overwhelmed and their
First Thought is to Outsource Everything to a Designer.
But the Minimum Investment for a Designer is around £1500++.
Also, They are not Going to Hand You Their Full Set of Valuable Tools as well.
I know What you are Thinking Right Now!
Who are you and Why Should I Trust you?
Hi, I am Monique Parker and I Started Out in e-Commerce.

My First Business an Online Aquarium & Reptile Supply Store, Besides a Busy Day Job. But I needed a Change.

Depending on the Sort of Business you Run it can be more Stressful than Others.

I was on my Feet all Day and Night & Just Wanted to Stop Running Around. So I Parted with that Business & Tried Myself at Blogging for a Few Months.

But I Felt That Alone Wasn't Enough. I Wanted to Actually Help People with One of The Most Important Parts in Running A Business: Marketing.
I Hope You Will Enjoy The New Marketing Kit Vol. 2

It Will Lift A Massive Weight Of Your Shoulders, Helping to Boost Your Sales & Conversions.

Thanks For Checking It Out.
Value: £1,997 Today Only £497
Payment Plan Available at Checkout!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Secure Checkout
Who is this for?
This is for:
  • Start-Up Marketers, Coaches, Service-Based Business Owners, Web Designers, Funnel Building Specialists
  • Who can't or don't want to Outsource & Spend Thousands on Designers
  • Want to Save Time and Hassle not having to go Back & Forth for Weeks with said Designers
  • Want to get Started Right Away
So whether you are new or experienced in Web & Funnel Design, let me Help you Get Started Fast by Providing you with Everything you need, Ready to Customize for Maximum Results!
Let's See What's Included in GMK2
In the First GMK Vol 2 Module, you'll Find Your New "WPColour" Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.
Amazing Minisite Templates in Various Niches!
All Source Files (PSD and HTML) included
You'll get Access to 9 Full Landing Pages in Various Niches!
Mascot Bolt is an Ultimate Vector Mascot Collection!
Vector means you can Scale the Design to any Size (even Billboard).

On Sites like Fiverr and Upwork, these Vector Designs sell for £69 to £98 for a Single File.

This Collection comes with 25 Male Business Man Mascot Characters, ready to print or use on your Site.
Are 25 Mascots still not enough? How About Building your Own?
Using our Mascot Creator you can Build your Own Mascots with Different Facial Expressions and More!
6 High Quality and Ready to Print Flyers!
Includes Vector Files in PSD Format so you can Print these in any Size you Want!
10 High-Quality Business Card Designs, including PSD Vector
File so you Resize, Customize and Print them.

10 High-Quality Facebook Covers in Layered PSD File Format,
Ready to Go onto your FB Profile or Fan Page!

10 Headers for Various Niches to use on your Own Site, in your
Emails or Create Promo Material to help Affiliates.

The Default Size fits OptimizePress and Kajabi but is Flexible, so can be Edited.
20 Editable Logos in PSD Vector File Format, Ready
to Edit and use on your Site or Print Projects!

Value: £1,997 Today Only £497
Payment Plan Available at Checkout!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Secure Checkout
These 12 High Quality  "Buy Now" Buttons
are Proven to get you more Sales.

This Button Collection comes with PSD Vector File so you can make changes.
Great Looking "Guarantee Badge" Collection,
Ready to Go without Photoshop!

Make People Aware of Where they can Find you!
This Set of Social Media Badges is mostly Ready to go without
Photoshop but I have included the PSD File as well!
Stunning Testimonial Boxes for your Web and Print Projects
Testimonial Boxes in Various Designs with PSD Vector File to Customize them Further.
Advertise your Own or Affiliate Offers with these Web Banners!
I have included all Recommended Banner Sizes in PSD File Format to make them Quick and Painless to Edit!
A Powerful Kindle eBook Collection in PSD Format
Attention-Grabbing Web Ribbon Collection
with PSD File to Customise

Various Headline Designs to help you Skyrocket your Conversions
Like Always, this Collection comes with a PSD File to make Customisations.
Flexible and Easy to Edit Guarantee Certificates Collection.
These Hand Drawn Doodles will Draw more Attention to your
Offers or Highlight Specific Details you want People to Notice

Value: £1,997 Today Only £497
Payment Plan Available at Checkout!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Secure Checkout
Ready to Go Number Icons Plus PSD File to Customise
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