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NEW "The Incredible PR Amplifier" To Get Your Local & Online Business Seen, Is Live!
Discover How To Be Seen Everywhere, Attract Customers/ Clients And Improve Your Google Page Ranking All In One Go!
Do you feel like:
  • You are Still Quite New to Online Marketing and it's All Too Confusing and Time Consuming to Set Up Traffic Generation Systems Yourself?
  • You Spend Too Much Time Each Day on Marketing but Not Seeing the Results you Want?
  • You Spend Too Much Money on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Others but Again not Seeing Results?
  • You Start from Scratch with Every New Ad Campaign, wasting time you could use for more important things?
  • Cost per Click or Lead going Through the Roof?
  • Conversion Rates to Sales are Dropping?
  • Competition is Rising and Profit Margins are Getting Tighter?
  • Advertising Account Shut Down or you Can't Even get Ads Approved?
It Means you are Already Short on Time & on a Tight Budget.
That's Why you are Looking for a Permanent Solution to Bring in Leads!
Hi. I am Monique.

      After 5 years of testing and refining, I am glad that I can offer you a Lead Generating System that works long term.

With the PR Amplifier:

    A Lot More People get to See What I Am Offering Without Just Relying on Ads.

    I Love the Fact that my Campaigns get Sent to 200+ Websites like High Traffic Blogs, Well Known News Sites, Video Sites, Podcast Directories, Slideshare and more! That Took A Load Off My Shoulders Without Me Sitting For Hours Writing Everything Up and then send it to every page separately.

   You Even get Simple Video and Audio Files made for You if You don't have Anything ready yourself, yet. It's Nothing Too Fancy but it gets Your Message Out and Clients in the Doors.

   Also, Google Picks Up on Your Newly Released Content, which increases your Visibility even further & Starts Sending Organic Traffic to Your Site!

Hello And Welcome Online
The PR Amplifier is for the Business Owner Who:
  • Is New Online or is Struggling get High Quality Traffic to Establish Their Online Presence
  • Wants to Add another Lead Generator to their Marketing Strategy
  • Wants to Reach More Potential Clients Long Term, Without Spending More on Ads (short term)
  • Wants to Substantially Improve Google Search Ranking
  • Wants to Be Seen on as Many External Platforms and Pages, Leading Back to your Business, as Possible
You can Try to Do All of the Above Yourself Over the Next Few Years
Hire and Pay Someone Every Month Which is Expensive & Still Takes Time to Build Up
You Can Get Your PR Amplifier and Get RESULTS Within 1 MONTH Of Campaign Going Live.
It's THE Tool you've been missing to get Your Business Seen Worldwide in All English Speaking Countries!
What Does the PR Amplifier Do?
PR Amplifier Campaigns are Designed to Feature you

Because Building Up Your Online Presence By Using Other Well Known And Well Visited Websites As Catalysts Is Something You Would Do Anyway, Search Engines Want You To Use The Amplification Method To Build Your Business.

The PR Amplifier Is Build to Leverage This Amplification Method By Sending Out High Quality And Key Word Rich Content To Many High Traffic & Well Known Websites.
Search Engines (not just Google) Pick Up On Your New Content Through Branding & Key Words In The Headlines & In-Article, Increasing your Rank and Visibility and Then Also Start Sending Organic Traffic.
Your Content Has A Link Back To Your Website, Sales Pages, Phone Numbers/ Contact Page Depending On What Your End Goal Is To Increase Sales.
  • Make Customer/ Client Aquisition A Lot Easier
  • Create an Omni-Presence (Be Seen and Heard Everywhere) So That the Big Fellas like Google, "Who Hears and Sees Everything", Can Find >You< Really Fast and also Starts sending Organic Search Traffic to your Site.
  • Build Steady Flow of Traffic through Permanent Placements on Big News & Media Sites like USAToday, FoxNews, Google News, High Traffic Blogs, YouTube, Vimeo, Podcast Directories, Slideshare & More!
How The PR Amplifier Works
You Probably Get This A Lot: When You are Running a Business You need to be Seen and Heard Everywhere!
But How Do You Do It?
As a Business Owner, You Want to Make an Impact and Change People's Lives for The Better.
But Many Struggle to Find the Right Places & Platforms to Promote their Offerings. Some of the Really Good Platforms, you Even Need Approval to Advertise on, Which can be Hard to Get and can take Ages to come through.
With "PR Amplifier" There are Contracts and Trained Copy Writers in Place to Make Sure Your are Accepted, Your Copy is Great & Conforms to the Terms of the Individual Platforms it's Going to!
It usually takes 2 - 7 Days from the Campaign Going Live for Google and Co to Rank Your new Content.
Well-Known and High Traffic Websites Have a Huge Influence & Impact to Give you Near Instant Results in Bringing Ideal Customers to your Site.
To The Search Engines, You Are Popping Up Every Where Because All The Big Sites Are Raving About You, Raising Your Authority And Status!
The Best Thing is: These Placements are Permanent and will Bring
Ongoing Traffic To Your Most Important Web Pages.
Algorythm & Closure Proof: Because Your Campaign Goes to so Many Websites Loved by Search Engines, Future Algorythm Changes Are Not Likely to Affect Your Results Down The Line. This Goes For Website Closures As Well Because All The Other Websites Are Your Backup.
Why the PR Amplifier Works
The PR Amplifier System Is not Build on Loopholes and Short Lived Tactics
It's Been Developed & Tested for Over 5 Years.
It's Taking Away the Biggest Challenges to Building a Business

Getting Traffic + Increase in Revenue = Increasing Profits
I Firmly Believe in Long Term Strategies and Systems that will Bring Results Long After the Purchase Date.
Here are Just a Few Sites Your Content will Appear on
Depending on your Industry
What's Best To Promote With PR Amplifier
Your Own Digital Products Or Services
Products & Services You Have Created And Are Uniquely Branded To You. This Includes Programs, Courses, Downloads, Books etc.

Promote Your Company Or Brand To Create Over All Awareness Of Who You Are And How You Can Help Clients.

Yes, All This is Included in Our PR Amplifier!
  • Producing Done For You News Articles, Blog Posts, Simple Video & Audio Content
  • Distribution of Content to 200+ Well Known News Sites, High Traffic Blogs, Video and Podcast Directories and Slideshare
  • Your Content will Be Submitted to High Performing Relevant Sites in Your Industry to Reach Your Ideal Clients.
  • Set Up of One Unique 1 Page Website in Blog Post Format to Warm Up Audience Before they Click Through to Your Website
  • Mini Site Acts as a Presale or Info Page so Potential Leads Know What to Expect When Clicking on Your Link
  • Catchy but Keyword Rich Headline So Buyers Click to Read the Full Article
  • Find Best Keywords to Use in Content to Rank Further & Send Leads to your Sales Page or Bring in that Important Call!
  • No Need to Pay for Everything Separately, One Price for Campaign Development, Content Creation, Campaign Distribution
  • Content is Send to You for Approval and Changed if Needed, Before Going Live
  • After Campaign Distribution A Distribution Report Is Sent To Show Statistics & Sites Your Content Is Displayed On
What happens after I purchase PR Amplifier?
Campaign Planning
While you are reading this page:
Make yourself notes on everything you want to promote:
  • Business Profile - Name, Industry, Logos, Owner/Directors, Home Page URL
  • Pictures of Business and Owners/ Directors
  • Story, About, Mission, Vision for Future
  • Most popular Exsisting Products, Services Info & their URL's
  • Have yu got any Imediate Launches coming up?
Submit Existing Marketing Materials
Submitting Existing Marketing Materials Relevant to Your Campaign Will Assist us in Getting Everything Set Up Faster.
The amount of information passed on to us determines the number of campaigns you will need.
These campaigns work best when working down the list 1 topic at a time.
First your business profile with your story, about, mission, future vision plus a link to your website. Then 1 product or service at a time so you'll have plenty to talk about with every monthly release!
Full instructions will be provided in Your Account after purchase!
Who Is This Offer Definitely Not For?
This Offer Is Not For You If:
  • You Are Thinking Of Starting Up But Don't Have Any Marketing Materials, Yet. Like A Logo, A Product Or Service - Ready With Text & Pictures - Simply Bookmark this page and return later
  • You Don't Have a Website Or Sales Page To Link To
  • Your Site Contains Adult Content
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
My Guarantee to You
I Am Confident That I Can Help You Run Your Business Much Easier & Smoother With A Steady Increase In Traffic To Your Site.

But If you are not Happy with the Service or are not Seeing Results within 30 Days of your Campaign going Life, You'll Get Your Money Back!

The Campaign Planning and Writing Process can take 3 Weeks to a Full Month Depending on Any Changes You Wish to Make.

That's Why Your Guarantee Comes Into Effect From The Day Your Campaign Goes Live, Not From The Date Of Purchase. So You Have A Full Month To See That Our PR Amplification System Is Working For You!
1 Campaign
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£199 for 3 Months
2 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£432 for 3 months
3 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£664 for 3 Months
4 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£672 for 4 Months
5 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£677 for 5 Months
6 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£680 for 6 Months
7 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£683 for 7 Months
8 Campaigns
Special Offer
Payment Plan
£685 for 8 Months
Payment in Full or Payment Plan Available on Order Page
30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Safe & Secure Payment
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm Interested But Not Ready To Buy. Will This Offer Be Available Again?
If It's Not The Right Time To Jump In. I Understand. This Offer Runs Periodically But You Can Also Join My Mailing List. The Pop Up Shows When You Are About To Close The Page. This Way I Can Keep You Informed About Updates And When The Offer Opens Up Again. Or Just click the Contact Button Below And I Get You Set Up!
What Happens After I Purchase "PR Amplifier"?
If this is your first time purchasing from me, an account will be opened for you. In there you'll find everything plus instructions on what to do next.
How Long Does It Take To Develop & Publish A Campaign?
The whole planning, development, making changes to suit your needs and publishing your campaign can take 3 weeks to 1 month. That's why I offer an Extended Guarantee
I Can't Afford the Full Price Right Now. Is There A Payment Plan?
Yes, There Is! Just Click The "Yes, I Want It Now" Button And On The Next Page You Can Select The Payment Plan Option.
Do you offer a Guarantee?
Yes, I offer an Extended Guarantee. It means that your Guarantee becomes active after your Campaign is published not right after you purchase. Otherwise, you won't know if it will work for you.
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