Is This You Right Now?
  • You are just Starting and Don't have anything, yet!
  • You are working a Dead End, Unfulfilling Job, but you know you are meant for more!
  • You are Just Not Sure What the Things Are, That Will Move The Needle in your Business?
  • You Look and Feel Extremely Busy But It's Not Getting You Anywhere?
  • You are Flinging Tons of Spaghetti on the Walls, Hoping Something Will Stick?
  • Feeling Guilty Because Instead of Being With the Family You Are Slaving Away In Your Biz?
  • Can't Sleep At Night Worrying About Finding Clients And Sales?
  • Been At It For Months But Not Seeing Results?
  • What Else Will Come At You?
 What Do You Need To Get On Track And Feel Confident That Running Your Own Business Was The Right Choice?
"Strategic Start-Up Acceleration RoadmapTM - St.A.R Method"
Learn My Proven 7 Step Process to Build A Profitable
Online Business And Get It Ready To Scale Easily...
Get Instant Access to the Training, Replays, Coaching and the
Exclusive St.A.R Community with other Members that will
Help you get Additional Feedback & Advice!
Get Direct Access to me
When you Join the St.A.R. Community you get Direct Access to me, Monique Parker. Get Things Moving Faster when you Implement the Insider's Strategies & Tips shared in the Program, Inside our Forum & Chat.
You will:
  • Get your Head on Straight to Talk Business
  • Develop your Client Attracting Story and Message
  • Create your Offer
  • Tools to Help You Manage Daily Tasks
  • Define Repeatable, Easy to Follow Processes
  • Get Ready To Outsource
  • Build your Website & Funnel
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
What you'll get
Access to High-Value Training
This program is Designed for you to have Extensive Training that will Reinforce and Enhance your Knowledge so that you can Effectively Create a Profitable Business Foundation in your Industry.
Live Group Mentoring Sessions
Team Mentoring will help you utilize Business Expertise as well as Learning in a structured group setting. You will be able to support and help one another to become the best individual, fostering a sense of community on top of business development.
Help & Support from The Private Community
On and after our Live Group Coaching Sessions you can Collaborate with the Community of like-minded people and share support with each other. Every call & Q&A is recorded and posted in your Members Area so that you can use it for future reference.
Meet Your Mentor:
Hi, I'm soo Excited you're here, Considering this Opportunity of Growth and Expansion!
I am Monique Parker and I help men & women create 6 Figure Business Breakthroughs!
My Process will help you Find & Release the Blocks that are holding you Back from Fully Expressing yourself and your Purpose!
So you can Create the Freedom, Life, Wealth and Impact you Desire!
I am originally from Germany but moved to the UK after my Studies to become a Travel & Tourist Assistant at age 19. I took part in a 9 months work placement but I met my Husband and remained.

Being a Hobby Aquarist, I started my first Business Venture in June 2019 (besides an Unfulfilling Full-Time Job, I still Hold) hoping to make my Hobby into an eCommerce Shop.

Unfortunately, after 7 years, because of Small Minded Thinking caused by Burnout and Supplier Screw-Ups that Venture failed.

But feeling called for more, I couldn't give up! I researched Monetized Blogging and Created the "Banky Gardener" in Aprill 2019, a Blog about Gardening, Herbalism and Aquaristics. But that wasn't it either!

Through my Research, I absorbed a Ton of Marketing Goodness, which I Enjoyed more, including Creating my own Digital Products & Services & Building my Website and kept Investing in myself to achieve some Personal Growth.

But that wasn't enough. I kept plodding on without ever launching this new Venture "Done4UMarketing". Even though I am great at Copywriting, know how to Build Websites & Funnels, Create Digital Products & Services and the Strategies to promote everything, I still felt like a Fraud. In addition to that, my colleagues told me that all I learned still wasn't enough because I didn't learn it in College or University. My Confidence was in the Dumps, So I never pushed "Launch"!

What am I Missing?

Before I could Answer that Question, Shit Hit the Fan again and I Lost my Website! The Day Job was already killing me but losing my Bunny to a Fox getting into his Enclosure, send me into a Spin. I missed my website renewal and 7 months worth of hard work went down the Loo.

I felt Defeated and couldn't Face Rebuilding it at that time! So I took a Strategic Break to figure out what was holding me back by taking part in Challenges and Workshops from coaches I was following.

Paying closer Attention to Everything they did, it Hit me that in non of my ventures I ever paid Attention to my Mind. After each Session I always felt Motivated and Energized but I no longer had a Platform to work on.

So I pulled my Socks up, Invested more Time and Money into Mindset work, took a Holiday to Rebuild my Website (Screenshots & Word Docs are great for Backup)
and Hired a VA to help me Finish it.
I made the Conscious Choice to no longer
Hold Out on what I have to Offer!
Neither should you!
Apart from Group Coaching, You will get Access to me in your own private member's area. This is worth thousands of £££.

Here is how private coaching works:

You'll have access to a private discussion room. Only you and Monique can see this discussion. Monique will help answer your most pressing questions. Together you can come up with the solutions to help you get your specific training topic finished faster 100% in private.
Here are the Main Pillars of Coaching I Provide:
Strategic Start-Up Acceleration RoadmapTM is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions
Have you asked yourself any of these questions and you are tired of struggling to Figure it All Out? Then this is for you!
Helping You Get Results Faster
Within 90 Days, we'll build your foundation and get you Earning 5 to 10k a month, while setting up your Business Foundation.

In the remaining Months we'll Refine, Polish & Scale your Business!
This is what I want to Prevent from Happening to you:
  • People look at me funny or Say "That's Nice" when I tell them What I Do. It Ends in Awkward Silence and then they walk away. I'm just Exhausted and at the End of my Wit!
    I'll show you a Better Way to get the Conversation Going with the right Messaging and Convo Structure.
  • I'm on the Phone or Zoom all Day trying to CONVINCE Potencial Clients my Program/ Service is right for them but EVERY CALL is a NO! I'm Ready to call it Quits!
    I'll show you a Natural, Non-Salesy Approach to Lead your Calls.
    - or maybe no Calls at all!
  • I Feel Stuck and Annoyed because I Can't Move Forward!
    Let's Figure out where you are at First. You are probably missing a Step that prevents you from moving forward. It's not easy to spot when you are too close to your Business!
  • I Feel So Lonely in My Business! Who can I talk to?
    Unless you have a family member also in business, you need to connect with others in your shoes. In this community, you can talk shop and get feedback!
  • I am Confused and not sure what to do!
    This community is here to support you, to put a plan of Action together to make sure you succeed with the goals you set in our First Session!
  • I tried different things but nothing seems to work
    It's ok to feel uncomfortable when you start a new strategy but if you don't feel good about it and it doesn't bring you RESULTS its not right for you. I'll give you the best Tools & Strategies but you get to choose which ones feel right, with the support to implement them quickly!
Join the Strategic Start-Up
Acceleration RoadmapTM!
Join 9 Fellow like minded Members!
Will you be the First to be Featured here?
This is my First Run of the "Strategic Start-Up Acceleration RoadmapTM and I want to Feature Business Owners who have actually Experienced it and can give True Feedback.
I'd like to co-create this program with you to make it the best it can be.

So put your Crash Helmets on and lets get Cracking!
Coming Soon!
John Smith
"Can I Feature you Here?
John Smith
"And Here?
John Smith
And Here as Well?
John Smith

John Smith

John Smith

Never Mind the Guys Pictures here.  Men and Women are Welcome!
Gain Access to all of the Resources & Templates, Take the Guesswork out of Building Your Business & Get Ready
To Scale!
I Limit Access to the Program to 10 New Members to Keep the High Quality of Coaching and Support UP. That's why I am Closing the Doors in...
Get Instant Access to the content, training, community and private coaching to help you Move Forward In Your Business!
Results Backed Guarantee
I know this stuff works because I've been doing it Month in... Month out for over a year, improving my system. First wih my Agency and now launching my coaching side of the business to bring the best of both worlds together!
So here is my Guarantee:
The Value of this Package is £49,997 and will increase while this package is being build out!
The Investment full price is £14,997 but you'll not be paying that today. You'll not pay £10k straight up either!
Join us Today!
Value £44.997 £14,997 £10,000
Initial Payment: £2500
After Tier 1 Result Achieved: £2,500
After Tier 2 Result Achieved : £5,000
Payment Plan
Initial Payment £2,500
3 monthly payments: £835
By Joining you are making a Serious Commitment to your Future...
and I am Commited to Providing everything I can to Get you There!
I am still working a Full-Time Job (that I am only now preparing to leave) while running my Business. If I CAN DO IT so can YOU. We are all BUSY.

So there are very few Excuses that I accept for Skimping out on
Yourself, your Fellow Students and Me!
You either WANT your Life to change for the Better & Take Action
or Crawl back into your Hole and nothing will Happen.
Real Transformation doesn't Come Cheap, Fast or Easy
This is an Investment in Yourself, your Family, your Future!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?
St.A.R is Perfect for you if:

You are New to Running a Business but Know that being stuck in
Unfulfilling Jobs for the rest of your life is not for you!

You Know you are meant for more but don't know where to start!

You have Started but are Stuck & Struggling!

You want to make a Big Impact in the World!

And Desire a Big Income for Doing it!

You are a High-Achiever but need that Boost to Really Step into
What you Know you are Capable of!

Your first financial goal is consistent 10K months – and then the sky's the limit.
Who is this not for?
It's not for those who can't be vulnerable or authentic.

It's not for whiners & complainers.

When will the Live Training take place?
You will be provided with a link to book your sessions, so I know who'll be attending and tailor the sessions accordingly. Make sure you save your session dates in Google Calendar, on your phone or similar.

Calls are recorded and replays will be available in the membership area.
How much Time will I need to Participate/ get the Best Results?
The time required to see Success with St.A.R is 3 – 5 hours per week, including the coaching calls.

Alongside the coaching calls use the community and Private Chat and the Resources provided in your Members Area!
How Much does it Cost?
The entire Business Breakthrough Experience (coaching, modules, courses) is valued at £49,997

The investment in full is £10,000 + VAT

But you'll only pay the initial £2500 + VAT today
Payment 2 of £2500 when your first income goal is reached.
Payment 3 of £5000 when your second income goal is reached, essetially self-funding your training.
You will set your income goals at our first / induction session.
Got More Questions? Book a Call!
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