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What Actually is Coaching or Mentoring?

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What Actually is Coaching or Mentoring?
Clients hire a coach because of a lack of ...
  • Clarity... on where to start or continue
  • Accountability to pull them through the harder and uncomfortable tasks of (in this case) building and running their business that would otherwise stop them cold and ...
  • Limiting Beliefs cropping up. They often don't recognise what's holding them back, so they can't bust those beliefs themselves.
The client needs the coach to bridge the gap between where our client is to where they want to be, by asking a set of questions on both sides. This is true for our Marketing Efforts and later on after gaining clients.
Most new coaches try to sell the service of coaching, try to sell the boat instead of the journey of transformation... the Results our clients envision.
This reflects negatively in their messaging as being pushy and salesy. It seems to us as if we are bringing value by offering our service but to potential clients, we are coming over as a nightmare they'd rather delete and block.
Coaches that are doing that usually struggle with finding things to post. That's because their messaging only focuses on trivial small things like how many modules or how long the training is, saying what clients are getting but not what it will do for them, etc.
None of that interests our clients or it raises more questions than it answers. That's how the coach ends up hammering the keyboard all day catching up on admin tasks instead of coaching.
Or they get ignored because there is just no Know, Like & Trust Factors built into their Marketing.
If after months of trying to build your business there still isn't a growing... and more importantly paying Audience to speak of, you may have a Strategy and Messaging problem.
All the top coaches and entrepreneurs make it look so easy. As if they whispered some Magic Phrase and everyone just comes flogging to them.
But let's face it: There is no Magic Phrase, so how are some entrepreneurs and coaches so successful and others are just barely slogging along? The top dogs have figured this messaging stuff out!
All of this messaging and strategy can be fixed fairly quickly by developing a Client Journey and changing your Messaging to speak to your Audience as if by Magic and attract them in droves by creating awareness and demand. To do that, there are some basic concepts to understand that I am releasing in my new free course.
The top Entrepreneurs and Coaches like Brene Brown, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk took the time to master this already. Isn't it time for you to stop being a Content Creation Wrangler, know what to post, how to post and when?

If you, too want to go from Unheard to Confident and In-Demand with every Piece of Content you Release, then I invite you to join my free course "Entrepreneur Demand Creation Philosophy"

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